Adeste Fidelis: A Call of Cthulhu Campaign set in the Gaslight Era

December 1910

London, England

The weather has been remarkably cold and snowy this winter. Leaden skys and thick choking fogs in the city have exerted their own level of depression on the soul, however, and as the holiday season approaches everyone who can is looking for ways to escape the ancient capital and spend the festivities in the countryside where the air is clean and the company gregarious. For the struggling author who is fighting writer’s block and hoping against hope for a new idea for a story, the unexpected invitation to spend the season at Leatherby Hall in Wiltshire with an old school friend is an irrisistable temptation.

Take on the role of one of the guests invited to spend Christmas in Lower Morely, a sleepy village deep in the English countryside. Select your character and follow the story. I've played this game often and it turns out very differently each time.

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