D20Site: The Road to Saltmarsh Campaign

While wars rage to the north and east of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, life goes on pretty much as usual in this quiet backwater of the Kingdom of Keoland. It is the year 586 by the common reckoning and the Greyhawk wars are done. But peace has not fully returned to the Flannaes. The Scarlet Brotherhood still plots in secret and mercanary bands wander the land in search of plunder.

Travel with us now along the Longspear Trail, skirting the borders of the Dreadwood Forest through Burle and on to Saltmarsh, a tiny fishing village and port on the coast of the Azure Sea. These adventures are designed to bring a party of inexperienced adventurers into Saltmarsh with at least an additional level or two of experience under their belts to encounter the published scenarios that await them there.

The Player Characters will take on the role of guards escorting a small caravan to its destination in Saltmarsh. Along the way they will have adventures and encounter a few of the powers and influences in the region.

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