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Principal Characters

Do you want to play a Warrior? A Wizard? A Rogue? A Cleric? A Bard?

These are all Character archetypes (classes) available for you to take on and make your own.

Who would you like to be?

Fighter Wizard Cleric Rogue Bard


Fighters Wear any kind of armor and can use shields. They have a +3 bonus to Intimidate and add +1 to all attack and damage rolls.

Wizards Wear no armor. They can cast arcane spells, and gain a +1 bonus to all Knowledge skills

Clerics Can wear light or medium armor. They cast divine spells and gain +3 bonus to Sense Motive. A Cleric can Turn Undead with a successful Shield of Faith Attack.

Rogues Can use light armor. They have a +3 bonus to Stealth. If they successfully sneak up on someone (usually Stealth, but depends on situation) they can add their Stealth skill rank to the damage of their first attack

Bards Can use light armor. They have a +3 bonus to Perception and they can cast illusion spells. Can use DEX bonus instead of STR for attacks with Light Weapons (Finesse)


Humans get +1 to 6 Trained skill rolls

Elves get +2 DEX and +2 CHA and -1 CON

Dwarves get +2 STR and +2 CON and -1 DEX

Halflings get +2 WIS and +2 DEX and -1 STR

Gnomes get +2 INT and +2 WIS and -1 CON

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