D20Site: The Road to Saltmarsh Campaign -- Plot

Our Story So Far . . .

The Player Characters (PC's) are all looking for work in the fortress town of Maidenstone Keep, on the border between the Viscounty of Salinmoor and the Hool Marsh lands to the west. From time to time, caravans travel through here and by the time they have overcome the dangers of the lizard folk who live in the marsh lands, they often need replacement guards -- even inexperienced ones.

In fact, here comes a line of wagons plodding up to the toll gate, looking a bit the worse for wear right now. There are a few guards on foot, but they look like they've been attacked and only just managed to escape with their lives. There's a good chance the carvan master will be hiring on replacements at the coaching inn tonight.

Better get there early though! Others look like they're eager for a way out of town as well. But maybe he'll hire all of you. The Longspear Trail looks a tough place to travel. There's saftey in numbers.

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