D20Site: The Infinity Event

The twin suns of Tatoo burn in the sky sucking moisture from even the deepest cisterns. Each night as the temperature drops and a brief ghosting of dew forms on the chilled blades in the moisture farms, the blue trails of the inspection droids criss-cross the sky searching for the tell-tale signs of hidden caches of water. The Hutts have imposed a water tax on the drought stricken planet and they have paid well for enforcement technology.

At Jabba the Hutt’s Palace, previously a monastery of the B’omarr Order of monks, the signs of conspicuous consumption made the locals grit their teeth in frustration. Fountains flowed freely in the open air, a swimming pool shimmered beneath the blazing suns. The walls literally dripped moisture in the inner recesses where the criminal overlord and his entourage wallowed.

The Hutts liked things a little slimy and Jabba had long ago learned the benefits of putting on a big show. If you act important, people think you are important. They come from miles around, even from other planets, to seek favors. Sometimes they are summoned to pay a debt. Or go in search of work.

And all who come to the audience chamber of Jabba Desilijic Tiure are treated to a show before the business begins. Tonight there will be music and dancing. Acrobats and conjurers will work the crowd and display their skills. And after the feast there will be a duel to the death. The excitement level is high.

Welcome to my new PBEM role playing adventure set in the Star Wars universe. Player characters will all start here, in Jabba’s Palace tonight. They may be here to ask Jabba a favor. They may be here to repay a debt. They may be seeking employment in his criminal empire. You tell me.

  • Krin Mobli -- born to nobility but fallen on hard times
  • Miko Biggs -- hot shot pilot with blood on her hands

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